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Tai Lopez the self-help guru

Who is Tai Lopez?

Tai Lopez is an American born internet entrepreneur and marketer, he was born on April 11th1977. His place of birth is Fullerton, California. He is a male and is about 42 years now; he also has a girlfriend called Kenna Alastair.

Tai Lopez can be said to be a successful social media marketer because of his outstanding following on most of his social media accounts, he is an investor, an advisor, a motivational speaker and has partnership in over 20 multi-million dollar companies. Lopez is good at sharing love, advices on health and happiness by using his podcast.

Lopez has a whopping 3 million followers on Instagram, 4 million followers on twitter, 1 million followers subscribers YouTube and a staggering 6 million fans on Facebook and of course with these numbers Lopez is sure to make an exploit with online marketing. It can’t be an understatement to say that Lopez is a multi-millionaire businessman and a man of many parts. He presently lives in Beverly Hills’ California.

What makes Tai Lopez Popular?

Tai Lopez is popular because of the following: he has an outstanding podcast and curates a book club which has in it all the work Lopez finds to be motivational and inspirational, he shares great information on how anyone can be successful via his YouTube videos. He also sell courses which can aid anyone become wealthy as quickly as possible and he does this in different ways like how to be wealthy through crypto currency or real estate.

The different platforms of Tai Lopez online

Tai Lopez is a great user of the internet and you can catch him on this different platforms LinkedIn, YouTube, face book, Instagram and his official website is Tai Lopez Business School.

Why is Tai Lopez known for being a self-Guru?

When it comes to an expert providing the needed information that will help others achieve result quickly then the name Tai Lopez comes to mind. Tai Lopez has always shown himself a genius. Lopez is so good with offering pieces of office or business advice and also provide courses that one can benefit from like on how to sell on Amazon and also get an insight on courses like repair, real estate and credit repair.

Lopez has been an investor for over a decade now and he has been a prudent advisor to about 20 million dollar businesses worldwide. When it comes to being an author of a book, Tai Lopez can be given due credit because his book the shipping club, mentor box has been the largest purchased in the world. Again, Lopez boasts of having the 67 steps program and this program has helped him take the right direction in life. This program comes with 67 steps to success, a live video coaching calls, a VIP membership features access to his video archive vault and lastly, his book a day recommendations to users.

Programs run by Tai Lopez

Lopez runs both social media marketing agency and VIP program, the social media marketing is a training program that teaches people on how they can get clients and also start their own agency as well. With the program one can learn about all Tai Lopez’s present tricks for all the popular social media platforms. He will as well provide the user or client with phone script and emails that will help one grow a reasonable client base.

The cost for participating in the social media marketing training program is a onetime payment of $697.00 or a 4 times payments of $199.00. This program will take about 4 months to complete per time and users of the program can enjoy access to past calls and live coaching calls. The other VIP 67 steps program is an enhancing program and clients are liable to enjoy monthly live video coaching, access to video archive vault and a book recommendation.

The original cost for the VIP program is $49 but if one still need to continue with the monthly VIP program then extra $49 will be paid monthly.

Total net worth of Tai Lopez

Well, sometimes it might be a bit difficult to accurately ascertain one’s net worth unless different information can be observed over a period of time but in Tai Lopez’s case information from different data and sources gave the estimated value of his wealth. Information gathered estimate his net worth to be about $5 million which isn’t bad at all.